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Wagyu Beef

October 16, 2011

I’m currently working on a yacht in Monaco for a Swiss client and for this particular charter I ordered some meat from Lionel at Viande Robillard, which is a butcher here on the Côte d’Azur that simply has the most amazing meat!! Especially his Wagyu beef, it just melts in your mouth! I always use him for my catering company and can highly recommend him!

Wagyu beef is beef grown from the Wagyu cattle. It was once nearly exclusively raised in Kobe, Japan, where it is considered the premium cut of beef because of its extensive marbling.

I used it (photo below) as a seared carpaccio style with raw violet artichokes that I marinated with lemon, olive oil and served with shaved parmesan and crispy rocket leafs. It’s without a doubt the most tender meat I’ve ever eaten! But I guess, coming from a cow that has been given massages and special feeding regime you wouldn’t really expect any less would you..

Here are some more photos from the previous week onboard the yacht:

Mini bruschettas with gorgonzola and white truffle oil

Lemon and basil panna cotta with fresh berries

Late summer vegetable parcels

Chilled asparagus soup with foie gras mini samosas and truffle and asparagus mini toasts

Filet de boeuf a l’estragon with food wheat pilaf and julienne vegetables

Lamb rack with fresh herb and garlic rub

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