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Happy Holidays from Sweden!

December 29, 2011

I just came back from passing the Christmas holidays in Sweden. It’s been a busy 10 days catching up with friends and family both in Gothenburg and Stockholm, and I’ve had such a great time with loads of nice Swedish food!

I started the trip in my hometown Gothenburg where I also spent Christmas eve.

We started the evening before Christmas with some “löjrom” (bleak roe) which is the finest and pure natural caviar from northern Sweden. This is one of my absolute favorite Swedish things to eat when I’m back home! We have it almost the same way as with the russian caviar, that means with the sour cream and fine chopped onion, but instead of the traditional blinis we have ours with butter fried toasts. Along with a bottle of ice-cold Pol Roger Champagne, I would say it’s the perfect snack for a true Swedish “Uppesittarkväll”. (But I’m sure the rest of the Swedish people have Christmas ham sandwiches this particular evening..)

Here’s how we served it:

This year we decided not to to do the traditional Swedish Christmas buffet with all the herrings, salmon, jansons etc, but a French/Swedish crossover one instead.

I bought some really nice foie gras with me from France that I served with an apple and chilli chutney made on swedish christmas apples. We also had chèvre chaud with toasted pine nuts and honey vinaigrette, pissaladière, bresaola with lingonberry vinaigrette, rocket and swedish mature “Prästost” cheese, some more Swedish “löjrom”, shots of Ceviche with salmon and lime and chili, marinated fillet mignon, chicken drumsticks with saffron, chilli and orange rub and a big cheese platter with dried apricots and swedish cloudberry jam that works so well with the cheeses. The best one was by far the blackened chèvre.

The trip to Stockholm also included a lot of food and restaurant visits such as lunch at Riche, Another great herring lunch at Melanders and dinner at Wasahof. I really love the selection of bars and restaurants that Stockholm offers. Since reading about it in the papers, I’ve been wanting to try the “Köttbaren” (meat bar) which is a newly opened restaurant and had great reviews, but unfortunately there just wasn’t enough time.. I definitely have to try it on my next trip to Stockholm.

Here are some of the snapshots:

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