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Plage 45 – Le Grand Hôtel

April 11, 2012

The last day before my friends went back to Sweden we decided to go for lunch at the Grand Hôtel in Cannes which is my friend Joris’ restaurant. We normally go to the hotel restaurant, but since the beach restaurant just opened up a few days ago I really wanted to go there this time.

The hotel restaurant has the most amazing food, and they even got a star in the Guide Rouge two years ago thanks to my friends great management. They also offer special lunch menus during the week which makes you not ending up spending a fortune each time you go which I think is really great!

A drink in their cool bar before or after dinner is also something I can highly recommend.

But if you want a more relaxed and casual ambiance and menu, the beach restaurant is the place to go! It’s the perfect hangout on a hot summer day in Cannes.

We started with a Bagna Cauda which is crudités with a warm dip sauce which has its origins from Piémont, Italy. 

Bagna Cauda, which is served almost like the french aïoli but with raw vegetables instead of steamed is served with a warm sauce made with garlic, anchovies, olive oil, butter, and in some parts of the region even cream. Great snack/starter with your glass of Rosé!

We then shared a sushi boat, carpaccio with truffle oil and caper berries, seared sesame tuna and salade Niçoise. Food orgie big time!

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