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Baby Shower

April 23, 2012

Yesterday we had a Baby Shower for our friend Hanne who’s expecting a little girl.
We had it at my friends Carolines beautiful home and decorated her terrace with pink flowers, napkins and ohter cute baby stuff.
We served some pink Champagne that Caroline put in a big Champagne bowl filled with ice and pink rose petals, it looked so nice!

Along with our Pink Champagne I made some finger food, cupcakes and other desserts.This is what was on the Baby Shower Menu:

*A shot of chilled asparagus soup with truffle foam
*Foie gras with apple and chili chutney
*Blinis with Gravlax, crème fraiche and crushed black pepper
*Parmaham and melon
*Mini skewers with mozzarella and baby tomatoes with shredded basil
*Tapenade and an artichoke and truffle dip with garlic crostinis
*Pissaladière with Niçoise olives

*Lemon and raspberry cupcakes with pink raspberry frosting
*Carrot cake cupcakes with lime frosting
*Raspberry macarons
*Chocolate and chili truffles

We finished all the Champagne and ate all the food! All and all, it was a truly great party!

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