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Burrata with watermelon and basil leafs

July 23, 2012

I just came back from Sardinia where I have been working 10 days on a 72 meter yacht.

We were anchored near Porto Cervo, and the scenery there is just amazing. Reminds me a lot of Corsica with its high and rocky coastline and crystal blue water.

Just around the corner was also the famous Cala di Volpe Hotel. I came here a few years ago for lunch, and I would highly recommend this place! We had the lunch buffet by the pool, and it was THE most luxurious buffet I have ever had in my life! Definitely worth visiting.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to Sardinia, but I did  manage to pick up some beautiful Burrata that I prepared with some watermelon and basil from the market.

Burrata is the Rolls Royce of mozzarella as it’s made from mozzarella and cream. Just the word Burrata means “buttered” in italian, and it’s just the impression you get when you’re eating it. It simply melts in your mouth! As the Burrata is a lot creamier then other mozarellas, the watermelon along with the crispy basil adds the perfect freshness to it. Serve for lunch or as a starter.

I had mine for lunch with an ice cold glass of this beautiful rosé wine:

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