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Shrimp cocktail “façon tartare” with Rhode island

September 17, 2012

I got a request from some Norwegian clients for their dinner party this weekend to make a Shrimp Cocktail for starter. This isn’t something I would normally have on my catering menus,  so instead of doing the classic version that is always served in the same old boring cocktail glass, I decided to make mine like a two layered tartar; one layer with avocado and the other with the shrimps.

Here’s the recipe: (for 4 persons)

*500g of fresh prawns, peeled
*2 avocados, diced

Rhode Island sauce
*4 table spoons of mayonnaise
*4 table spoons of crème fraiche
*3 table spoons of ketchup
*1 table spoon of chili and garlic paste (you can find this at the Asian shop)
*1 table spoon of good quality cognac
*Some chives, chopped
*salt and pepper

Here’s how you do it:
1.Start with the sauce by mixing all the ingredients above together. Pour the sauce into 4 small shot glasses and leave the rest in the bowl.
2.Chop the prawns quite chunky, but leave a handful aside for decoration. 3.Put the chopped prawns in the bowl with the sauce and add some chopped chives.
4.Dice the avocado, and add some salt and pepper. Leave aside

5.Place a small rectangular cutter on the plate and fill half of it with the avocado, then the other half with the prawn and Rhode island mix.
6.Lift off the cutter, and decorate with some prawns and chives. Serve with the little shot glass of Rhode island sauce that the guests can drizzle over their tartar!
Bon Appètit!

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