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Sunday lunch at Le Christiana -Chez Huguette

October 22, 2012

Yesterday I spent my afternoon exactly how I love to spend sunday afternoons; that is at a restaurant with friends.

We went to a place called “Le Christiana -Chez Huguette” which is a typical mountain restaurant with real home made country-style food, THE ultimate definition of “La bonne Chère”. It’s situated in Andon, about an hour drive from Antibes and even though it’s quite the drive to get here, the scenery passing through Gourdon is stunning, and most importantly; the restaurant is definitely worth the extra miles!

At Chez Hugette you can have à la carte, or their very popular menu with a selection of starters, two main courses, cheese board and a selection of desserts. Everything comes on big platters to share with your table.

We all had the menu, and enjoyed starters like: Fromage de tête, terrine de campagne, assiette de charcuterie maison and pain a l’ail. (It was so good, I could have just had this!!) Best one was the fromage de tête wich is a terrine with big chunks of porc and carrots seasoned with loads of crushed black pepper and garlic, all in a very tasty gelé;

All this was then followed by the most tender gigot d’agneau and wild boar daube. All accompanied by frites maison, beignets de courgettes, ratatouille and farçies.

Then a massive cheese board with a wide selection  from the region as well as the famous “fromage piquant” (that you can see in the middle) which is Corsican fermented cheese made from scraps of long-aged Tomme … You can basicly smell it as soon as the waiter enters the room and even though I love strong cheeses, this one is a little bit over the top for me..

Then when you’re so full you think your stomach is about to explode, they bring you the home-made dessert platter with: tarte au citron, tarte au myrtilles, crème caramel, chocolate éclaires and other pastries..

That was my sunday!! I’m not going to eat for a week..

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