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Happy Holidays!

January 6, 2013
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Just came back from two weeks in Sweden where I spent a very nice and white Christmas.

On Christmas day I made my stuffed turkey that I also made here in France for my pre-Christmas dinner with my French family . The secret is the succulent stuffing and the fact that you let the turkey rest afterwards. That way you don’t get that dry boring white meat, but an extremely tender and  juicy one.

Here’s the recipe: (for 6 persons)

1 Turkey (3kg)


400g bacon (diced)

2 apples

2 red onions

A touch of curry

1 table-spoon of brown sugar

1 table-spoon of chili paste

3 celery sticks

10 garlic cloves

4 thick slices of Brioche

A handful of dates

1 bouquet of resh rosemary

Sea salt and crushed black pepper

6 yellow onions for the roasting

Here’s how you do it:

1.Take the turkey out of the fridge approximately an hour before you’re suppose to put it in the oven so it gets to room temperature.

2.In the meantime chop all the ingredients for the stuffing in quite chunky bits.


3.Pour a generous amount of good quality olive oil in a frying pan and fry the chopped onions along with the garlic cloves (with the skin) and bacon. When browned, add a touch of curry, a table spoon of chili paste and then the brown sugar and let it caramelize. After caramelization, add the chopped celery and apple. You really just want to give the celery and apple a quick coating as it’s so nice when they’re still a little bit crunchy when the turkey is done.

4.Add the mixture in a bowl and add the brioche crumbles, dates and the fresh rosemary. Add sea salt and crushed pepper and mix.

Stuff the turkey with the mixture and then close the turkey with a ribbon, or as I did with the rosemary branches.


5.On a baking tray, spread a layer of sliced yellow onion and put the turkey on top of it. Make sure the bottom of the turkey doesn’t touch the baking tray. Roast in the oven at 170 degrees until the thickest part of the turkey gets to 75 degrees.


6.Take the turkey out, and this is the absolute most important thing for a tender and juicy turkey: Let it rest for at least an hour covered in tin foil before you serve it! I always cover with 2-3 tea towels on top of the tin foil to make sure it stays warm.

Serve with roasted parsnip, carrots and potatoes, steamed brussel sprouts and a lovely rosemary cream sauce with meat juice from the turkey.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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