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Lunch in Cannes

February 1, 2013

To enjoy yesterdays 15 degrees and sunshine to the fullest, we decided to go for lunch in Cannes. We went to the fairly new opened  restaurant “New York” which is situated right on the Croisette, and I have to say I was very impressed.

I wasn’t really expecting that much from our salads that we ordered, but I have to say after nearly 8 years on the Côte D’Azur I have FINALLY find a place that can make a real Ceasar salad with Romain lettuce (and not the crappy cheap lettuce every one esle uses), good quality parmesan, home-made croutons and most importantly REAL Ceasar dressing!

The french have a real problem with this, every time I order a Ceasar salad I end up with a tasteless salad with a vinaigrette, almost like an Anchoïade, but I have to say at this place it was spot on and creamy with just that right amount of anchovy taste, served on the side in a little bowl.

I ordered a Roquefort salad, but changed it a little bit  (as I always tend to do when I’m at a restaurant) by swapping the endives for lettuce, and adding some avocado, bacon and red onion. The best Roquefort salad I’ve ever had is still at The Ivy in Los Angeles, but this wasn’t actually far from it.. I’m definitely coming back for a salad lunch here!

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