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Provençal Wedding

August 22, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we did a beautiful wedding in true Provençal Style. The Villa was one of the most beautiful Villas I’ve worked in with an amazing garden filled with olive groves, lemon trees and spectacular views overlooking Plascassier.

It was a two-day celebration which started on the Thursday with drinks in the garden and a pizza truck that made thin crispy pizzas for the guests while they were playing boule and swimming in the pool.

On the wedding day itself, we set up the tables in the olive grove. The couple wanted it all to be very ”Provençal Hippy Chic”, so there were wild garden flowers on the tables, beautiful decorations and loads of mini jars with candles that we hung up in the olive trees.

The guests were welcomed by a big Champagne fountain and some mingle in the garden after the ceremony in the little village church.

For dinner they enjoyed a lobster salad with avocado, chili, spring onion and a fresh strawberry vinaigrette with basil oil and eatable flowers followed by herbes de provençe coated lamb racks with potato paté, crispy summer veg, balsamic reduction and chèvre cream. We got the lamb from our butcher that we always get our meat from (Viande Robillard) and it was amazing! We’ve been using him for years and he always provides us with the best meat.

After dinner they got a fine selection of cheeses with our apple and chili chutney and my latest little recipe I came up with: fig, nut, dried fruit and truffle jam. It was SO good! Perfect to a ripe Roquefort, Gorgonzola or a strong goat cheese.

Coffee was served with some dark chocolate and chili truffles as well as white chocolate, lavender and coconut truffles.

After dinner there was the traditional cutting of the beautiful wedding cake followed by some dancing, and then at around 02.00 there was food again, with gourmet hamburgers on the bbq.

Here are some of the snapshots;

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