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Christmas lunch, London

December 30, 2014

Just before Christmas holidays we did a very fun and out of the ordinary event for an It-billionaire in his very exclusive London home.

The client had asked for a traditional Swedish christmas lunch so we made a typical buffet with all classic dishes that we divided in to three; one entrée buffet followed by a main course buffet and then one for all mini desserts.
But first when the guests arrived they enjoyed Swedish cocktails with canapés such as foie gras cake pops with crushed ginger bread biscuits, smoked salmon boulettes with chives and bleakroe on mini nachos, lobster tartar and smoked reindeer mini wraps with horseradish cream.

For the entrée buffet we made 4 different pickled herrings with all trimmings, elderberry cured Gravlax with its Gravlax sauce, Smoked salmon, “sillsallad”, stuffed eggs with bleakroe, Swedish “Västerbotten” cheese tarte, “Skagenröra”, “Jansons Frestelse”, bleakroe with dill butter toasts, fresh prawns with saffron aioli, Swedish paté etc.

The decorators had made a fantastic job with the tables and flower arrangements and everything looked amazing.
They had even organized a Swedish “Lucia” choir who sang all the traditional christmas carols between the entrées and the main courses which was highly appreciated by all international guests.

For the main course buffet there were christmas sausage, christmas ham, honey glazed ribs, swedish meatballs with puré and cream sauce. To ad some freshness to all the quite heavy food, I also made two big colourful salads, one red cabbage with orange vinaigrette and pomegranate sprinkles and one kale salad with baby candy beets and chive dressing which were a modern twist from the normal cabbage that you normally serve warm.

We also had Swedish and french cheeses that we served with chutneys and truffle honey as well as home made bread.

The dessert table looked absolutely stunning. We filled the whole table with mini desserts like classic Swedish rice pudding “Ris à la malta” with red berry coulis, mini white chocolate panna cotta with cloudberry chutney, lemon fudge, soft ginger bread cake, butter scotch, cardamom and cinnamon crème brûlée and of course mini swedish saffron buns.

As we had to sign confidentiality agreements we weren’t allowed to take any photos of the beautifully decorated “garden room” where the lunch took place, nor of any guest which made it difficult to take photos of the food. But I managed to at least get a few of the canapés and cold buffet;


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  1. December 30, 2014 5:36 pm

    wow looks like a great spread….

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