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Wedding at Château St-Jeannet

April 13, 2015

Last weekend we did a beautiful wedding at the stunning Château St-Jeannet.

It was a sunny spring day, and all the flowers around the castle were in full bloom, everything looked fantastic!

The bride and groom had lived and travelled all over the world, and had therefore requested a menu with influences from all there travels. For instance, we started with Mezze around the pool, where we had made mini crispy falafels with lemon yoghurt, mini spicy lamb skewers with fresh coriander, hummus & baba ganoush with pita, vine leafs and lemon chicken skewers.

For the dinner, they started with a french charcuterie and paté platter to share and continued with a buffet with all sorts of different dishes like; Tahitian Jerk chicken with black beans, African meatballs with cinnamon, chili and coriander, fried plantain and other Mediterranean dishes.

They also asked for the same when it came to the desserts so they had baclava, macarons, apfelstrüdel and mille feuille. They also had a beautiful wedding cake delivered with fresh roses decorated all over that we served after the dinner. It was a gorgeous day and evening that didn’t end until early morning hours.

Here are some of the snapshots;







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